1st BMS : i thlammed my penuth in the car door

これはくだらない。ダウンロードしないでください。このくだりがBMSちゃん で共有されていることに困惑しました。なぜかは不明ですが・・・ オーディオにはクリッピングの問題があります。My first BMS. This is the creation I made to familiarize myself with the software. Not very good. It's 5 seconds of that stupid meme on youtube. It's not keysounded properly. 

2nd BMS : claustrophobia


BMSの作成には慣れていません。これは私の時間を使うためだけのものです。ご了承ください。 . More trying. this time I made sure everything was done in a DAW. Experimented with background images with bmson. Also absolute garbage I don't feel like publishing this one. At least the audio on this one doesn't clip. (oops). Its only 15 seconds

3rd BMS: 🗿  (backup dl)


I think I'm getting better with this one. Another stupid meme from YouTube. I had to time the Vine boom effect with nothing. It's harder than you'd think. The use of the moai emoji has the title seems hilarious to me, especially seeing it on bms-chan. LOL. I probably spent 3 hours on this one.

4th BMS : Rest Area (BMSON)

copy bms :(

I'm definitely getting better as this. Still not keysounded. It seems to work well with bmson. No complain here. BGI, proper charting, and chart settings. Very proud of me.

I'm frustrated because I can't make music. I don't have time, nor I have the energy. I guess making foon is my life.

Was actually made after the emoji bms. I was wondering how to add a BGA to Bmson. The background is white. It's ugly. I think the spinning toilet is funny. I feel stupid.

5th BMS : empathy mirror LQ 

Converted Quattro's MOD to BMS.  Not sure about my rights to make a bms out of it oops!?! Dec 31/22 small update. I don't like rattata.ogg but I can't change it since it won't be the original sound anymore.

Extra BMS : Pelipper Island 

I forgot I made this in january 2022. I think it was a test for Mid2BMS.